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What You Can Expect 

Keynote presentations and workshops by Alan Pedersen have been described as entertaining, educational, humorous, thought provoking, cutting edge, inspirational, impactful, life changing; an event that all grievers and those who help the grieving should experience.

At each event, participants regularly rave about the connection that Alan's makes with them.  It is Alan's background in songwriting, and comedy combined with his personal and professional experiences with grief, his talent of expression as he shares his trials and tribulations during each presentation, given directly from the heart of a truly compassionate and caring leader in the field of grief and loss.

Alan has brought healing, touched the hearts and opened the minds of thousands of grievers and those who care for the grieving.  Is your organization ready for such an experience?

Who Can Benefit From Alan's Workshops?

Alan’s workshops and keynote speeches benefit counselors and professionals including; clergy, hospice volunteers, doctors and nurses, first responders, funeral directors and aftercare providers, grief facilitators and anyone who wants to learn more about their own grief or who help others in grief. 

If you are an organization seeking a dynamic and charismatic keynote speaker or workshop presenter who will educate and entertain your audience, Alan Pedersen is the perfect choice for your event.    


Keynote Presentations

Keynote presentations by Alan Pedersen are entertaining, inspirational, educational, thought provoking and humorous.

Audiences rave about the profound connection Alan makes with them as he shares his personal experience as a bereaved father and professional experience as a Certified Grief Services Provider.

As an award winning singer/songwriter and recording artist, Alan often weaves his original songs into his presentations. His music is refreshing and a delight to audiences not normally accustomed to such artistry and creativity as part of the grieving or learning experience.

Alan’s message and music have touched the hearts and opened the minds of thousands of grievers and care providers.

Full Day Workshops

A Day With Alan Pedersen

A day with Alan Pedersen is presented in 4 sessions:

What is Grief
The basics of grief and loss focuses on normalizing the emotions and actions that accompany those in grief. This workshop touches on common feelings following a loss, identifying what type of griever you are, how to begin to process loss and how to help those in early grief.

Pro-Active Grieving - Turning Loss into Legacy
What do we do now?  The 5 H’s (Hurt, Hope, Help, Honor, Healing) are the cornerstone of using grief as a catalyst for transformation and how to make meaningful and positive changes in our lives.

Healing Guilt and Regret
This session focuses on how guilt, regret and anger can play a role in our grief journey.  Specific ideas and exercises will be offered to help those who feel stuck in their grief due to these issues.  Alan will offer coping skills which will help attendees to effectively begin to process their guilt, regrets and anger.

How to walk with the Bereaved
What can we do to truly support those who are hurting and in deep grief?  This session will provide tools and will focus on beneficial strategies which can be used to help others and ourselves in grief.